The Teacher Education Faculty

Preparing students to become the teachers of the future

Course Description

Chaucer College offers future teachers of English Language the opportunity to live and study surrounded by the language they will teach. We aim to offer the students a measure of independence in a sheltered, secure environment and the opportunity to experience life in a different culture. Classes are small and the subject courses are all taught in English with great emphasis placed on improving speaking and listening skills as well as reading and writing. Students are not allowed to speak Japanese in the classroom. Students also improve their English skills by studying a course book at an appropriate level and intensively preparing for the TOEIC examination.

The Teacher Education students focus on subjects which will prepare them specifically for their future career as English Language teachers.

    Teacher Education subjects:
  • English Syntax - studying the structure of the English language.
  • The Phonetics and Phonology of English studying the sounds and sound systems of English.
  • The History of the English Language looking at the development of English from Old English to the present day.
  • English Literature introducing students to important works of English literature in a social and historical context.
    Other subjects may include:
  • Computer Studies students acquire word processing skills and can gain a recognised qualification
  • Current Issues - a closer examination of what is happening in the news

These subjects provide a strong basis for the next three years of teacher education at Shumei University.

A Typical Week

Here is a sample timetable:

In addition to their academic study, students have a choice of afternoon activities once a week including playing golf at a local course, learning Spanish, going on guided hikes around the area, or learning to cook some British and international dishes.

Visiting Schools

The Chaucer College Teacher Education programme also has a strong practical element and provides the opportunity to go on regular one-day visits to observe classes in local primary and secondary schools around Canterbury, near Chaucer College. Trainee teachers of other nationalities are also invited to talk to the classes from time to time.

Similar three or four- day visits to cities in France and Germany also offer the chance to see other education systems in action and to reflect on different teaching methodologies. These visits are accompanied by English teachers and form an important part of the Teacher Education experience at Chaucer College.

Outside the Classroom

All students have the opportunity to stay with a local family as part of their course and have further individual English speaking practice in conversation classes with the University of Kent students resident at Chaucer College. They also regularly listen to the BBC news bulletin in the evenings.

In addition, a strong volunteering programme is in place, linked to the University of Kent Student Union and students have the chance to participate in a range of local cultural festivals as well as College activities when the public are invited into Chaucer College to experience Japanese culture.

Supervised visits are also arranged, for example, to London, Cambridge and Dover. Our location in Canterbury allows many of our students to take the opportunity to travel around the U.K. and to spend holidays in other parts of Europe, such as Spain, France, Italy and Greece.