The Teacher Education Faculty

Preparing students to become the teachers of the future

Short Course - Non-English Major Faculties

Each year, students from the Faculty of Education whose major is not English come to Chaucer College for a period of about four weeks, with the aim of comparing the education systems of Japan, the UK and at least one other European country.

Teaching in Stuttgart

In the first week, they are introduced to the British education system, learn specialist vocabulary and begin a study of English text books relevant to their own faculties. They also carry out a project based at the University of Kent.

In Week 2, students visit local primary and secondary schools, observing classes but also teaching aspects of Japanese culture relevant to the age of the pupils.

In Week 3, students visit Continental Europe for three days, going to one of five centres, currently Berlin, Stuttgart, Amiens, Reims or Arnhem. In addition to visiting schools, students have time for sightseeing and cultural visits.

In Week 4, students present on their experiences of schools both in U.K. and abroad, reflecting on the comparative aspects of the different educational systems.

The course is very intensive, with language lessons, homework, workshops, trips out with teachers, homestay experience and sightseeing, all elements of the programme.