Conversation Classes

Conversation classes are an important testing ground for students to apply what they have learned in casual day-to-day conversations. Moreover, they are a place where moral values and cultural ideas are exchanged and, in this context, they are just as valuable to conversation teachers as they are to students. Both parties learn from each other and, in so doing, grow as individuals.

Conversation Teachers


Whilst teaching conversation classes at Chaucer College I have seen a real improvement in the students' confidence and speaking ability. The classes are a great opportunity to become more fluent and to practise pronunciation and vocabulary in a relaxed environment. At the same time, the freedom to choose the topics offers a chance to discuss aspects of English culture that the students might not cover in a formal class. Often, I have found myself helping the students to organise trips to London or further afield, as well as helping with details for more local events. Overall, it is a great experience and I have enjoyed forming new friendships and learning about the Japanese culture at the same time.


Coming to Chaucer College from my home in Canada has been a fantastic experience for me. I really enjoy working with the students and getting to know their unique personalities. Vocabulary and pronunciation are my main areas of interest as well as giving students practical examples and useful phrases for their time abroad. It is rewarding to see the look of satisfaction on their faces when they have acquired something new. Living and working here with the staff, fellow conversation teachers and students is an enjoyable and rewarding experience that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


Teaching conversation classes at Chaucer College is proving to be a very rewarding experience. Being able to interact with Japanese students in an informal but productive environment has been a lot of fun. The flexibility of planning my classes to suit students’ interests is good as it stimulates conversation about topics they can get excited about. Applying vocabulary and grammar in this context makes things more memorable, and we often produce lists of new words the students have learnt during the lesson. Living within the college is also very interesting and allows us to build a great rapport with the students and other members of staff.